About Me

I'm Ilse, a 27-year-old born and raised in tiny Belgium and to this day I'm still living in this small, versatile, well-populated country. In spring/summer 2020 I have decided to write a blog filled with blogposts on healthy foods, product reviews, study tips and tricks and a lifestyle section where I share my everyday posts on how I handle life itself. 

As a 20'er I have always felt the pressure: before the quarter-life crisis I felt like I could dream as big as I wanted to (which is exactly what you should do), but I never chased those dreams. Then quarter-life-crisis hit, more like slapped me in the face and I started panicking: I had so many dreams and I could have been so much further in life than I currently was. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I put myself together and started chasing those dreams. 

This past year I have already learned so much, many times it was trial-and-error, which eventually brought me to the idea of creating a club. So, I can now say: welcome to The Adulting Desk, a place where we talk about the reality of adulting and how we all try to deal with life including the successes we experience and the crappy moments.  


Astrology signs: sun Libra, moon Pisces, ascendant Cancer

Filling my days with:  I'm officially a teacher secondary school! In my free time, I go hiking, read non-fiction books about the brain, behavior, and food. I try to stick to my 3 times/week work-outs as well. I also spend time on social media: blogging, creating freebies and managing my Instagram. ​

Likes: bunnies, cats, plants, healthy (vegan) food, chai latte, hiking, spring and fall, flawless no-make-up make-up looks, traveling, real/ authentic people, chill-music (and vibes), astrology & spiritual vibes, fell in love with Sweden during my Erasmus. As a kid, I was obsessed with reading science books (I didn't care about story-telling books that much), Ancient Egypt, and dinosaurs which are still big likes today! 

Dislikes: summer (global warming makes it unbearable hot), grasshoppers (and a lot of other bugs), food waste, negative energy, drama, discussions (I run away or avoid them), and my most recent addition to dislikes: a pandemic.  

My ultimate goal: find a balance between being open-minded and staying true to myself. 

My ultimate dream: well, I'm ambitious so I got more than one dream: I want to become a successful entrepreneur, I also want to make my online dream come true. (I feel restricted as a teacher atm). And lastly, it might sound like a cliché, but I really am hoping for a healthy life for myself and my loved ones (although I wish it to everyone). I had bad health in my early 20ies and it made me realize how precious every day on earth is. ♥