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5 sneaky semi- healthy foods

A while ago I asked my Instagram followers what kind of blog posts they'd like to read, some wanted snack advice. For all of them, but also for you (obviously) I wrote this blog posts. All the snacks are vegan or vegetarian.

1. Protein crisps

No work to cook or bake anything, just pick them up at your local store. These days a lot of brands come up with lentil or quinoa crisps often with an extra flavor. If you want to make it a bit more of a filling snack (so you don't end up eating a whole bag under five minutes) you can add a hummus or guac dip. My favourite brand is EatReal, however I often buy the white product lentil crisps from the Belgian store Delhaize.

2. Homemade popcorn

I love salty popcorn, it makes me snacking more without guilt. Cooking your own popcorn makes it a bit healthier because you are in control of the salt or sugar you add. It doesn't take a long time to make it and you'll only feel semi-guilty!

3. Fruity ice

Maybe an actual healthy snack, which is also good to fight food waste. All you need are some reusable popsicle sticks and some (older) fruit. Squeeze the fruit into the popsicle form and freeze it in. In a few hours you have a healthy snack!

4. Sweet potato fries

In case you have some time you can make my style of Sweet Potato Fries (they're so good they do deserve a capital letter). Cut a sweet potato into pieces, add olive oil, a pinch of salt, fresh thyme and put it in the oven until they're ready. I used to make this a lot of times while studying in Sweden, however the oven was near to death it often took me 40 minutes in a super hot oven to get soft sweet potato fries with a small crunchy side.

5. Dark chocolate

I even highly recommend you eating this for dark chocolate contains minerals that are good for everyone, like magnesium which helps you to focus. If you really don't want to buy this, I suggest you buy raw chocolate powder. I bought mine from Purasana and I mix a spoon of it with some Maca powder and soj milk. It creates a healthy chocolate milk and still provides all the minerals. This helps me a lot when I need to focus for work or recovering after a workout.

These are my 5 sneaky semi healthy snacks. Let me know which one you will try!

With much love


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