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5 tips on improving your productivity

Let's jump straight into it because you're here for some tips and tricks!

1. Water

I know how tempted it is to get some caffeine in your body the moment you wake up, but it's better to start with a glass of water. No need to add some lemon or anything special. Take a large bottle to work or school so you have enough water with you on the go. I got a 600 ml bottle from the brand "Sistema", if you watched my insta stories you might have already seen some pink-ish bottle.


2. Focus > time

Okay, don't use this as an argument to stop working earlier than you're supposed to be. You still need to stay at work till your hours are done. But instead of having lunch at your desk, go to the cafeteria. If you have a bit of a urban or natural environment in the area of your company or school, go for a small hike and fresh air. You'll feel way more productive when you get back from lunch. It's not about staying an hour extra to get the work done, that won't help you in the long term.


3. Schedule

Plan what you'll be doing this evening, Friday evening, this weekend. Obviously you have to plan something fun and not extra work. It will motivate you to work productively so you can take a well-deserved break in the evenings.


4. Move

As stressful as your job or school might be, it's important to move the stress out of your body. I'm saying move your body and not meditating. Often our body is too stressed and tensed it can't relax at all, when your stress levels are high so are your levels of adrenaline and cortisol. Meditating or a spa-at-home-moment won't always be so effective. When you feel restless it's better to go for a quick hike aka walk fast, go running or dance. I promise you, you will feel so much more relieved afterwards.


5. List

At the beginning of the day you might have made a list of all the things you were planning on doing that day. Tick off everything you did in one colour and everything you didn't in another colour. This way you visualize for yourself how productive you were. If you don't make a planning for the day, write down everything you have done during that day, it could be the smallest thing. I often use this trick myself: I feel like I have been working all day but at the same time I get the feeling I haven't done a thing. When I make a list of all the tests I checked, administration I completed and mails I have answered I feel better.



♥ it's okay to not be productive every day, your brain might know this but tell your heart this every single day until you feel it.

♥ these are only a few tips that might improve your productivity but don't feel bad if it doesn't work.

♥ find a balance between being productive and having the discipline to continue work and being gentle with yourself, allowing yourself to have an unproductive day. As I mentioned: it's okay to feel unproductive for a day.

♥ don't be too hard on yourself, often when we put too much pressure on ourselves we feel blocked and numb, unable to do anything. This is alarming! First get (back) into alignment with yourself before demanding anything of yourself.

♥ if you still feel lost, talk about it with a friend. Also feel free to join our Facebook community where like-minded souls can connect and/or DM me on IG.


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