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How I balance work and self-care

It's a forever struggle to me, let me start with being honest about it. I have just started my second year as a teacher and I still learn every single day on how to balance my life more. I believe it's what we all learn in our 20ies (maybe even later on as well).

Plan like you've never planned before

Despite the struggle I am investing a lot of my energy in creating a schedule for myself. Planning is really helpful to me. I use a blank WORD document and I create my work schedule, then I complete it with all the things I want to do at my job during those hours. I try to plan until the first holiday, so for now that will be November, 1st.

Planning the content of my job allows me to have an overview of what I need to prepare for it. This is my second part of planning and, for this, I prefer using my desk planner. There are plenty of desk planners out there, but I'm using the A4 one from HEMA. If you like to support a smaller business and you're an aesthetically pleasing stationary person, I highly suggest you check out (not sponsored).

In my desk planner I write all my to dos and then plan them on certain days. I can literally take 5 hours to plan everything without shame. As a high sensitive person with anxiety, a good schedule is everything to me!

There are 101 apps to plan and schedule as well, you don't need to buy yourself a paper desk planner. I often use my phone as well for deadlines, projects, meetings, things I should copy or an extra class I planned for a pupil.

Body - mind care

My second tip is working out. I write this in my desk planner as well, I try to work out 3 to 4 times a week. I go hiking every day for 20 to 30 minutes as well. This isn't really to lose belly fat or keeping myself in shape. It has more to do with my stress levels - as earlier said I am a high sensitive person with anxiety - and working out helps me reducing my stress. I don't do anything too crazy, I have a free app called "women workout", some ankle weights and a waist trainer. I do have to drink a lot of water first. I'm not drinking (a lot) at my job because I'm a busy bee when I'm at work and there just isn't enough time to go to the toilet. When I come home I often feel tired, but a great way to get myself energized again is by drinking water. I use my 600ml reusable bottle from (again, not sponsored). This bottle replaced my earlier, half broken, plastic, reusable water bottle.

A very important side note: if I am so exhausted I can't (complete or) do my workout, I do some breathwork instead, maybe with some yoga. Some days are just bad days, days that mentally and physically drain us, so don't push yourself too much!

It's the food!

I don't drink a lot and I don't eat a lot at school. I know, I'm not the biggest example of a healthy lifestyle when you look at my food habits at work. I do start with a healthy breakfast, usually oats and fruit. When I come home I often start with some more vitamins and minerals: I love the innocent smoothies and juices with fruit and vegetables. When I'm into something more creamy I mix some raw cacao powder with soy milk.

My goals

As I said at the beginning of this blog, I haven't balanced everything out yet. So below I'm sharing my main goals for the upcoming times:

Taking a day off. It sounds absolutely normal but it isn't if you're teaching (and at somewhere in the beginning of your career), you know the struggle of leaving work. There's always something out there you believe you can use in your classes! And teachers aren't the only ones, there are plenty of other jobs in which you can lose yourself a little and just "finish that last task today", even when "today" is in the weekend. So, therefore, it is my main goal to have a free day in the weekend, a day where I do absolutely nothing related to my physical job. I'd love to spend time on creating content then. I'm so passionate about writing and creating an aesthetically, pleasing feed for my IG.

Taking myself on a date, once a month. I believe many of us have seen this Reel saying we should romanticize our lives, start seeing ourselves as the main character in our life. By taking myself on a date once a month I am trying to work on that "main character" part of my life.

Any tips you found helpful or do you have some tips you like to share? Don't forget to mention them in the comments!

I'd love to end this blog with some motivation for those who don't know how to handle life right now. I know it's tough, you're going through things I don't know anything about. You struggle, you fight, you're exhausted, you're done with it all. You search for motivation, just like you read this blog post and I can only hope you feel motivated to handle this carefully. That my tips have inspired you to take care of yourself. You might want to leave your job right now, but you're scared you'll have financial problems. Don't take abrupt decisions, give things in life the time they need. But don't stay where you're unhappy. Make a well-thought plan and stick to that. I'm sending you much love! ♥


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