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Isle of Paradise - review

Rather pale than fail is my motto. Growing up as a pale person I got bullied a lot because I was 'so pale', summers were awful, especially as a teenager. I hated summer, just because I couldn't accept my skin tone. Until the moment I arrived when I learned to be grateful. I was 17 years old and I learned to love myself. Every little aspect of everyone is unique. You are unique. The following summers were amazing! I would wear a dress with my lovely pale skin (and enough sunscreen) and I didn't give a single fuck about what the people said about me even when I heard "omg she's so pale". I now ask my fellow pale people if you recognize this feeling: you're at a point in your life where you love yourself, pale in summer, pale in winter, it's all fine for you, but you still wonder what it's like to be tanned. How would you look tanned? Would it make you look like a different person? Would it match to you? (Please say you recognize this or I might have gone mad).

I started trying out self-tanners. Yes, now the fail story begins.

I've seen and tried many brands, however, I always wanted to make a purchase an investment and not some random waste of money. However, I've been disappointed too many times. Cheap brands like St. Moritz have a way too bad YUKA-score, expensive brands like St.Tropez make me look like a giraffe (cute animal but not what I was going for).

And then like in a fairytale (and I'm telling you, this review isn't sponsored at all) I was saved by the Isle of Paradise self-tanner: it is literally the most amazing self-tan I have ever tried and I'm just stuck at it! Oh my God. Here's why:

Before I tell you what I like about it, I quickly am sharing the products I've tried: I started with the medium glow-clear mouse for the body and medium drops for the face. Recently, I've tried the light/peach glow-clear mouse for the body and light/peach drops for the face.

About the medium colour range...

The s**t works amazingly: both the drops as the mouse give you a nice tan! The mouse is transparent, so I was a bit afraid I would end up like a giraffe just like during my St.Tropez try-out but it all worked out well. The first time I tried it on, I had some spots around my legs that I've forgotten so I added the mouse the next evening on those areas and prayed for the best. The next morning I washed it off and the spots were gone, even more, it was all nice and smooth: no one would have noticed I fixed my tan. Also, the medium drops did their job well, and they're super easy in use since you only have to add some drops to your moisturizer, mix it in your palms and apply it to your face. Although the tanning products really did their job, they weren't giving me the most natural look. It wasn't so dramatic as me turning into a carrot (been there though), but I wanted a tan that would look like I got it by going on a holiday, so I tried out the light/peach colour.

About the peach...

My tan looks super natural, exactly what I wanted: the mouse gives my body that nice glow and colour whereas the drops work so naturally with my face. I struggle with blue veins at my under eyes and somehow the drops make them less visible as well. #happyme I'm definitely staying with the peach colour but only because it works better for my pale skin.

General likes/ dislikes about the products (medium and light shade)

+ Thanks to the glow-clear technique it just works with my skin.

+ It doesn't really smell hard while developing.

+ Rather better YUKA-score (compared to other self-tanners with bad and alarming scores).

+ Price/quality good investment.

- It does smell when you rinse your body or freshen up, but that's a problem you'll have with every self-tanner.

!! Keep in mind that you:

1. Always use sunscreen and even more frequently when you selftan

Use a sunscreen with a UVA filter during winter when you can't really burn your skin, but you do want to block the baddies from the sun; use a UVA and UVB filter during summer to keep your skin protected and don't burn it. I'm using Naïf baby sunscreen SPF 30 UVA and UVB and I haven't been burned since I use the goodie :) (And the packaging is super cute)

2. Moisturize your body

Not only 24h before but also after your self-tan has developed (and the days after). It will not only keep your tan longer but also nourish your skin since you ask a lot from it while tanning. Tip: using a cream with antioxidants is really good, like vitamin C.

3. Love yourself

I have hot days in Belgium where I walk around with shorts and pale legs and I have hot days where I walk around, tanned with shorts. Every single day, I'm just grateful for everything I have: a fully working body. I learned to love myself and I'm only doing self-tan on days when I want to, so should you. ♥

If you're interested in checking out the Isle of Paradise website, click on the link below:

P.S. You can purchase their self tans on many online webshops, I even bought mine at H&M when I was living in Sweden.


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