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Kneipp Mindful Skin Review

The rush of our work and social life remains while the focus on our wellbeing has improved since the pandemic. Personal care becomes something more and more important and we're not talking about getting overpriced facials: the daily skincare routines we (try to) implement in our lives are a reflection of our selflove and it doesn't matter if we get ourselves ready for the day or if we're winding down in the evening, a skincare routine is a must especially if you believe the thousand of (wo)men sharing their skincare routine in IG Reels.

Recently, Kneipp has introduced their new skincare collection: Mindful Skin, a collection of six products devided over three areas so everyone can get a product for their skin's needs and desires. The collection is based on plant extracts that stimulate our own skin's capacities to hydrate, protect or energize the skin.

In this blog post I will be sharing the products I got, my first impression and my opinion on these products after a few weeks.

If you're in a hurry, scroll down until you see the grid which gives you a brief yet complete overview of this blog post.


Their cleansing gel smells like aloe vera rather than licorice but you won't hear me complaining. On the packaging it says you need one to three pumps of this transparant goodie, mix it with water and masage it onto your facial skin. I would say one pump is more than enough and don't mix it with water but simply rub it in your palms. If you keep your palms damp before pumping it should get slight foamy by itself. After the first usage I had baby soft skin.

They also have a 24h day cream in the hydration range/area. I didn't get it because I have enough day creams in my bathroom.


Their night cream smells like a dream to me, the scent of calendula is by far my most favorite skincare scent: slightly flowery yet still very natural. I'm not a person who loves smelling like strawberries or chemical tropical flower mixtures. The texture is thick and creamy. My first try was on the back of my hand and it absorbed really fast and it made my skin look less wrinkly.

They also have a day cream in the protection range/area of which I had a free sample. I loved it so much it became the reason for trying out the Kneipp Minful Skin Collection. It moisturized my skin right away and made me feel like I took good care of myself. It also had calendula in it, so I was sold right away!


I got both products of the energizing range/area: the serum and eye cream.

The serum is lovely, one pump is enough for your face and neck, it makes the skin glowing nicely and it's quickly absorbed by the skin. It's enriched with vitamin C and E, goodies for your skin.

The eye cream felt fresh yet slightly stingy under my eyes. One pump is enough for both undereyes.




products in range

refreshing cleansing gel & hydrating 24H cream

protecting day cream & regenerating night cream

revitalising eye cream & boosting vitamin serum

products used

refreshing cleansing gel

regenerating night cream

revitalising eye cream & boosting vitamin serum

first impression

nice scent, makes skin baby soft. One pump is more than enough.

rich formula and scent, fast absorption

eye cream: okay, not that special serum: light and rich formula, makes skin glowing

review after 2 weeks (using it daily)

feels fresh when and after applying

after stressful days it feels very nourishing to apply

eye cream: "awake" look after applying. serum: fast-absorbed, glowing effect is gone

Let me know if this blogpost was helpful and if you're going to try out the Kneipp Mindful Skincare products! Comment on this blogpost or message me on IG (you can tag me in stories as well @thegreencallalily)

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