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LvlUp #1 - About dreaming big and achieving goals

What if you're meant for something else... To do the exact opposite of whatever you're doing now. Your thoughts and ideas in your mind are big, bigger than what anyone expects from you. You keep those thoughts for yourself. It will probably be just a phase. But... What if it isn't a phase? What if it's a strong burning desire inside you? Yet, you have no idea how to get started, to transform these thoughts and ideas into a physical, real plan. You're too scared to ask help from anyone, because they'll probably say 'you dream too big', or 'it's impossible to achieve this'. What if years and years past by and you still feel this strong desire, this passion? What if through the years you start to believe it's not meant to be, because you've been thinking about it for so long yet never started it or you feel absolutely stuck between keeping your life the way it is or jumping into the cold, dark, unknown waters?

I believe a lot of people don't follow their passion right away. They want financial stability first which is understandable. But life throws a lot of lemons at you and many of us will never make our passion a reality.

But why not? Why not go for what you want? Because you're scared you'll fail? Because you're scared of what people will think or say? Well, don't. Don't feel like you owe anyone an explanation for achieving your goal, your dream life, your passion! It's your life not theirs.

Don't overwhelm yourself with questions why it would fail. 'What if' questions are brain killers I say, so avoid them! And if anyone disapproves or laughs with whatever you're doing so be it. Yet, I understand, it's not easy to take that first step.

I love the story Into The Wild, about a young guy who left all his belongings and travels through the country up to Alaska. Once he said 'if you want something in life, reach out and grab it'! I often think about it whenever I feel lost or doubting: whatever I am doing is one step in the right direction and it's exactly my message to you! If you want to start a webshop go for it! If you want to have your own brand go for it! If you want to become a laywer, go to uni and get that degree! Anything you truly want is possible, it's out there for you. You might have to work hard for it, because nothing good is just out there for nothing. But can you imagine the fulfillment you'll experience when you've achieved your ultimate goal?

For already 5-7 years I have this dream. When the quarantine started I began my blog and my Instagram and I feel so happy and relieved I just started it. I love writing and creating posts is what I love to do in my free time. Still, I dream big. There are a lot of ideas in my mind I want to achieve. I guess I made it quite clear in this blogpost that I'm done with keeping myself in the shade and that I no longer wish you'd do the same. I have no idea what my future will look like, but I hope that one day I can look back on a beautiful journey and see that I achieved my biggest desire. I am willing and I am going to work for it from now on, every single day. And, I truly hope you will too! ♥

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