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My experience with acupuncture and Chinese medicine to heal trauma

No tiger claws or elephant trunks into a suspicious pill but finding the power in herbs, restoring inner balance by aligning your chakras again, that's what it is all about. I've been struggling a lot with my trauma and as much psychotherapy helps, it isn't the touch of a magic wand. I digged deeper and I bumped into acupuncture. I read many good things about it to treat various complaints: from sore muscles to feeling depressed. So I decided to give it a go.

The first time I arrived at the acupuncturist I was a bit nervous. We all struggle with fatigue and our body is often used to the Western world of healing: you feel bad, get a pill. Luckily, there was a lot of understanding for how I felt, like she could draw many connections from one thing to another in our 30-40 minutes intake conversation. She immediately started acupunture and suggested an intense treatment of twice a week for the first two months or so.

While the idea of keeping your clothes on while needles are pushed into your skin feels a bit weird it is comforting at the same time. You have to lay down for about 20 minutes and without clothes on that might get chilly. Also, getting naked at a doctor isn't really the part I'm looking forward to. Also, don't worry about any pain: the needles weren't that long, about 4 to 25 mm and it felt quite comforting.

After my first visit I felt not much different than before, my concentration wasn't the best and I felt a bit tired but that's how I usually feel too. I also started taking herbs. She made a special blend for my needs and I had to take 5 of them daily. In the beginning it was like I found the best drugs ever! It made me feel so energized and powerful life was a walk in a field and I could handle anything. But the walk only lasted for a week or two, which was quite sad. Apparently, it is normal to experience this, because your body needs to find a balance again. But then it all turned...

Because acupuncture aligns your chakras again it also means it will release all blockages within you. I found myself being very insecure about myself and my capacities, more than usual. Old, painful memories came back and I often felt worthless not thinking what I could do to make things better. It was like I fell into the depth and I was sucked into it so hard I knew I would have to fight really hard to ever get out of it and at the same time I had no energy to fight it. I stopped taking the herbs and I also stopped acupuncture before my normal date.

Now, months later after giving the final edit to this blog post, I know I can say for sure that at that time acupuncture did loosen up things that had been stuck for too long which is a good thing, but it was too intense that I couldn't deal with it at that time. I have found a way to process everything that had been loosened up, by continuing seeing my therapist and taking good care of myself. It's not because it didn't turn out the way I was hoping it to be, it didn't do what it was supposed to be doing.

To end this blog post I would like to give you some important tips when you're interested in acupuncture yourself:

- make sure they ask to see your tongue (it's the proof they're the good/real ones)

- everyone is different, you will probably get a different treatment than what I'm describing

- if you don't feel understood by traditional (Western) doctors, switch to holistic doctors (acupuncture, Chinese medicine)

- be honest from the start about everything, this is the only way they can truly help you and give you herbs that will not only help you but also won't do any bad to your body (for example admit if you drink or like me occasionally smoke).

- be realistic: one appointment might not be enough, stick to your appointments and be consistent because otherwise you might just end the therapy and save your money for something else. (unless you feel it's all too much of course and when saying this to the therapist they don't seem to care)

Good luck!

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