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Nature & skincare connected - Natura Siberica review

Updated: May 5, 2021

Natura Siberica is a Russian skincare brand that produces all of its products in Europe. Their products often contain wild Siberian herbs giving it a natural and healthy feeling.

I've chosen this brand for a new review because it's a European brand that uses herbs in their products. The possibility of lowering my ecological footprint and having natural ingredients in my products awakens my attention.

Item #1 - Oblepikha (hair) mask

What does it promise?

It's the life-saver for severe damaged hair, it makes hair elastic and shiny and it makes the hair thicker and stronger. It contains wild harvested Siberian herbs and pure Siberian oils, which are the richest natural source of beta-carotene, rare omega 3, 6, 7, and 9, beneficial fatty acids, and precious flavonoids. It's free of parabens, polyethylene glycols, PEG, and mineral oils.

What did I experience when using?

This orange creamy goodie smells like a mixture of bubblegum and tropical beaches. The texture feels nice and creamy for my hair (which is quite dry). After rinsing it out I don't feel like it nourishes my hair and makes it smoother, but it does give it more resistance, it feels stronger. The only con I can find is that it does contain sulfates that are dangerous for water living creatures. I only found it out when I decided to scan this hair mask with the YUKA-app. They recommend using it 2 up to 3 times per week, but I prefer to stick to once every two weeks. I usually use an amazing nourishing conditioner bar, so I like to switch up a little.

Item #2 - Hydrating cream soap

With all the soap bars becoming a hype it might seem stupid to invest in liquid soap. I've chosen this one because it has a pump which I think is so practical, especially when you're showering and a bar just slips out of your hands... or am I just clumsy?

What does it promise?

Because the soap contains a mixture of wild Siberian herbs that survive severe weather conditions, it's an abundance of vitamins and minerals which are highly beneficial for your skin.

What did I experience when using?

It's not a soap which smells intensively like flowers or so, but I'm okay with that. I'm more a person who prefers neutral scents. It also doesn't foam extremely, and, I've read somewhere that if a soap foams a lot it's not good for your skin!

Item #3 - Nourishing facial mask

What does it promise?

Well, the packaging doesn't reveal too much of the power this facial has. Their nourishing facial mask is perfect for those with a normal to dry skin since it contains wild daurian rose & calendula marigold. For optimal results, you should use it twice per week for 15 minutes on dry, cleansed skin.

What did I experience when using?

I've chosen this facial mask because it has a 99% natural origin. It's certified by the ICEA (ethical and environmental certification institute). The facial mask smells like chamomile and calendula, which reminds me of a cream my mom used whenever I had a scar or an itchy dry skin patch, it was her miracle cream. I haven't used it twice per week, but by only using it once a week I noticed how my skin fell in love with this light creamy liquidy texture and my skin absorbs it with great pleasure.

Item #4 - Vivid vitamins spray

What does it promise?

Thanks to its natural ingredients (such as cloudberry, which reminds me of Sweden) it's a vitamin A and E bomb! It promises to make your skin glowing and your hair will be shining without feeling greasy. You can spray it over your body, wet or dry hair.

What did I experience when using?

Now, I got a love-hate-relationship with this baby. It's a spray and moisturizes your hair and body. If I can buy a product that I can use for my skin and my hair, I'm always happy: budget-wise it feels like a good investing and environmental-wise it feels like you bought yourself one plastic bottle instead of two. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging! It already looks very promising. However, the spray isn't a real spray. Let me explain: I believe a real spray creates a fine mist that swirls around you, and eventually evenly spreads over your skin and/or hair. This doesn't happen at all with this spray. It just spits out some of the product, so if you try it for the first time on your hair you'll end up with this one greasy looking tuft of hair. I suggest spraying it on your hands before you apply it on your hair and for your body, you can spray it directly on your skin and blend it out with your hands. The only downside to it is that you'll have hands full of sparkles and not so much on your skin.

Item #5 - Snow tsarina repairing body cream

What does it promise?

On the minimalistic packaging, they mention this body cream contains Faroe islands seaweed and wild Siberian herbs that repair your skin. It's suitable for all skin types.

What did I experience when using?

I wouldn't call it a cream, because the texture is too light to be a cream. However, I love this body lotion for a few simple reasons: it's quick-drying, it has a neutral scent, it blends out very well (so you don't need too much product). To me, a body lotion doesn't have to be more than that: a product that makes sure your skin will be moisturized for the day and you can put on your clothing after 5 minutes. If I want to intensively moisturize my skin I go for body butter.

Item #6 - Rhodiola Rosea serum

What does it promise?

Especially good for the dry and sensitive skin this serum protects against the harsh conditions outside. Enriched with SYN - AKE® en SYN - COLL® complexes it renews the skin and helps fighting skin aging.

What did I experience when using?

It might seem like a small, lightweight packaging but this serum lasted me three months! I have a rather dry to very dry skin, meaning I must add something of moisturizer from the moment when I wake up. This Rhodiola Rosea serum is great for my skin: it gets absorbed fast and, it doesn't feel sticky afterwards which is something I have experienced with other serums before. A downside to this product: you might need to apply a second layer, because when I used it my skin wasn't immediately satisfied with the layer I added. I often solved it with applying a thick layer of my day cream (item #7 in this blogpost).

Item #7 - Aralia Mandshurica moisturizer with SPF-20

What does it promise?

Enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, plant-based ceramides and SPF-20 this cream is making your skin looking smooth and healthy. These ingredients also fight against skin-aging.

What did I experience when using?

A lager, yet still lightweight packaging is what I see when I open my order. Relieved this moisturizer contains SPF-20, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. After using this moisturizer for a couple of weeks I can say that this moisturizer is in my top 3 of favorite Natura Siberica products: it calms down my thirsty skin and keeps it hydrated all day long without making my face shine and glow like a light bulb.

My conclusion: 'natura siberica' yay or nay?

I'll be brutally honest: it's not like these products are life-changing. There are a lot of moisturizers, sprays, facial and hair masks that do just as well as the ones from Natura Siberica or even better. What convinces me to buy these products is that - as I've also mentioned in the introduction - it is a local product: born in Siberia and produced in Europe. As a European, I love supporting our economy. From an environmental aspect, I also believe it's better to support and buy locally rather than ordering products from other continents. Next to that, the majority of the Natura Siberica products score well in the YUKA-app meaning they barely contain toxic or harmful substances. What I also like about this brand is that they use herbs in their products. I really believe nature has all the goodies we need, we just don't learn these things unless we search for that knowledge ourselves. I'm aware that not everyone wants to spend time reading about which herbs are good for us and how to create skincare products from it. So, by buying products from Natura Siberica, you don't have to do all the creating anymore. It's done for you! If there is one remark I would make on this brand it would be that I'd be more obsessed with their products if they would sell it in glass containers to really make it sustainable (but I feel like that with many skincare brands).

General information about the brand and order products

Where can you buy their products? I bought their products at Di, but you can also order products at Holland&Barrett.

Link to their page for Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany:

Link to their official page:

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