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Why self-care is important during winter

Wintertime, the time of harsh winds outside and a cosy fire in the house. The time we don't mind working from home since going outside is often the last thing we want to do. It's also the time we don't really mind how we look like, since our bodies are hidden under all these cloths. Does that mean we should give ourselves a break from the whole self- and bodycare ritual we eagerly (try to) follow during the summer? At last, a moment we don't have to care? Eat all the pizzas you want and who gives a d*mn if you forgot your workout? It's wintertime at last!

Sorry to already break down your joy but if you thought the answer is yes, you're wrong. I believe, if you want to continuously let yourself go at the fullest during winter and working hard on self- and bodycare in summer, then be my guest, however, I would not call such a thing self-care, since you're only doing it because you feel pressured by others. In summer you have to take off that warm, oversized sweater and change it for the type of clothing which makes your figure more visible which soon gives us the feeling of being watched.

Let me be clear: everyone has their own body, their own shape and size, no one has to change it, but everyone must take care of themselves properly even in winter. But how? What's the most important to pay attention to during winter? In what way differs the self-care you apply in the summer from self-care in winter?

You can start by taking vitamin D3 supplements, eating healthy and working out. If you continue by taking more time for your thoughts, to reflect on your life and goals, you're on the good way. Winter- selfcare is like a "human-hibernation": a lot of animals go into a hibernation period during winter, their body temperature drops and they won't eat anymore. Just like these animals I see winter self-care as a time for my own kind of hibernation, yet instead of not eating anymore and sleeping all day I spend my time unwinding and reflecting on what I have achieved so far, what my current goals are, and - maybe the most important thing - where I am now.

I journal, now more than in summer and I practice gratitude for every day here on earth. I don't want to sit inside during these dark, cold, rainy winter days binge watching Netflix all day, I prefer to spend my time well. Of course, it's important to find your balance and not spend all day wandering why certain things have happened in your life.

So, what do you feel like you should be doing more/less these days? Maybe you're a hyperactive bee who's constantly working and taking care of others to feel fulfillment? Maybe you want to slow down or you feel comfortable the way you do things now? Maybe you're the complete opposite and you do feel like a hibernating bear sitting behind your computer from 9 to 5 until work's done and then you switch screens to binge watch some series? Maybe you feel good about this, maybe not and you want to take better care of yourself?

I cannot give you the perfect winter self-care routine. No one can. You're the only one who knows yourself, your own needs and joy. I do hope that, with this winter self-care blogpost, I inspired you to at least reflect on whatever you're doing for yourself at this very moment, because in the end you only have yourself. So why not taking good care of yourself.

Feel free to share your own winter self-care tips and tricks in the comments or on Insta!

Sending lots of love to you all! ♥

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