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Why you do not need motivation to work-out

Another chapter of the leveling up journey you are going through might be getting in shape: no matter if your goal is staying in shape, weight loss or wanting lean, toned muscles we are all working out. Or at least we want to. In order to get started we download an app, buy a gym membership and maybe we treat ourselves with a nice work-out outfit. Then we feel motivated and we start, but soon you feel unmotivated: maybe you're not seeing the results you were hoping for or you skipped a few work-outs which makes it hard to pick up the routine again. I am here to tell you that you do not need any motivation to do a work-out. FYI: I will be talking about "work-outs" in this post but I do mean every type of activity you're doing from cycling to hiking to swimming to heading to the gym.

Why do we feel like we have to be motivated to work-out?

It is the image put on working-out. I mean, have you seen all these fitness accounts on Instagram? Nine out of ten they have "motivation" in their names or they make videos with "motivation" in it. It is like in order to become a fit and healthy person you first must have the motivation within yourself to achieve it. It all sounds very logical but when looking at our daily lives we are not motivated 24/7. How many of us are going to work or school with no motivation, still we are going and in the late afternoon or evening we go home. Another day of school/work is over, we did not want to go at first but we did it anyway.

Why do you not need motivation for working out?

As you might already have guessed it: just like going to work or school with no motivation so can you do a work-out. At work, you might need a coffee or two before you get started but once you are feeling more awake there is always something that catches your attention. You might not like every subject in school but here's the same thing: there will be something catching your attention. So whenever you planned a work-out you grab your stuff and do the work-out. Do not even think: am I motivated for this? Even when the answer is no, you still will work-out.

Do I need to be zero motivated all the time?

I believe we can all agree feeling motivated is fun, but it will come once you're completely into your work-out. You will feel the "happy hormones" rushing through your system while you are doing all the sets of your work-out. After your work-out you'll (hopefully) will be flooded by a feeling of pride and fulfillment: you did it!

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